To Eyre Creek

In the morning we said our goodbyes and headed off fairly early. From Birdsville we headed north towards Boulia. We stopped for the night alongside Eyre Creek, a beautiful spot in the midst of barren countryside.

The birds love this creek as well and there were a couple of bird hides to observe them.

But we found just sitting in the chairs outside the Kedron Caravan gave us ample opportunity to observe them. I loved this little bird, a rainbow bee eater we think, sitting on a branch nearby, observing the landscape. Mind you it didn’t stay long.

But it came back for me to take a second shot.

(Lesley’s photo)

There were numerous birds of prey circling above.

This one settled close by in a tree. We think this is a Nankeen Kestrell.
(Lesley’s photo)

We also spotted birds nests in the trees that were so big, they must belong to one of these birds.

I was surprised that there weren’t more water birds. Apart from this Black Fronted Dotterel,

the only other ones we could see where these Eurasian Coots (called ‘Taucherli’ or little divers in Switzerland)

As the sun lowered in the sky,

we started a fire in a fire ring and Lesley cooked lamb shanks in the camp oven.

At sun set, we were the only ones in this camping area.

What a beautiful way to spend an afternoon and a night.

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4 Responses to To Eyre Creek

  1. bernyl says:

    Sick of it yet??? he he he……..

  2. Certainly not… not looking forward to.going home. We will be on the road again next year.

  3. jkmcl says:

    I reckoned you would love that place.

  4. wandwill says:

    love the photos, keep it up

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