Hamilton Hotel Rest Area

From Eyre Creek we headed further north to Boulia where we refuelled ourselves and the LandCruiser. We changed direction, now heading east in the direction of Longreach. We stopped at the Hamilton Hotel Rest Area, not exactly in the shade of a tree, but the tree provided some welcome shade for us to sit in.

Hamilton Hotel used to be a hotel and fuelling stop between Boulia and Longreach until the 1980s. It closed down, no longer a viable business. It had it’s origin as a staging post for the horse drawn Cobb & Co Coaches.

Not much remains from the hotel. I wouldn’t be surprised if the windmill wasn’t even original.

The windmill pumps the water from the artesian basin that extends over a large portion of the interior of Australia.

It was a very hot afternoon – the trees in the photo below are blurred by the rising heat.

All the same I went for a walk to the dam nearby.

Once again, the birds gathered around the water.

On the original dam wall there are a couple of graves.

In the other grave, Snowy Fraser is buried. His death was accidental – falling hitting his head on the rock and concrete floor of the hotel.

Desolate country side.

Reflections of the landscape on the doors of the LandCruiser.

A herd of cows passed close to us on their way to the water in the dam nearby.

Sunset was stunning.

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1 Response to Hamilton Hotel Rest Area

  1. jkmcl says:

    Those poor cattle- please rain soon. What a difference to when we were through there last year with the feed so high the cattle could not even be seen. The cruiser must have been polished with those reflections- nice.

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