Longreach – Ilfracombe

We left our camp site in the Bladensburg National Park around 8:00am. We don’t normally leave this early, in part to avoid the most active time of kangaroos. Kangaroos where everywhere in the park and I was driving very aware of the danger of hitting one. Fortunately we managed to stay out of trouble. Lesley managed to capture these kangaroos. Did they get the birds moving? Or was it us who disturbed the birds and the kangaroos? Who knows. The sight of the birds taking off was incredible, not easily captured in photos. Can you spot the kangaroos? One is at the very left of the photo, the other in the middle.

This is a close up of the mayhem of the galahs fleeing.

Once again the LandCruiser was due for a service. When you travel constantly for 7 months, services become due ever so frequently. We checked into the Ilfracombe Van Park – a park that we stayed in on the way out. It is always good to come back to a place you are familiar with. Check out my previous posts about Ilfracombe:
We enjoyed the happy hour once more. Took the LandCruiser in for a service for 8:00am in Longreach. Lesley and I had our hair done while the car was being serviced. The LandCruiser was ready by 10:00am. Bad News: Front right wheel bearing needs to be replaced. Can you do this today? We don’t have the spare parts needed. In fact, neither Sydney nor Brisbane Warehouses have them in stock, probably needs to be imported from Japan. Never heard of a wheel bearing going in a LC200. Can we still drive it back to Brisbane, towing a heavy caravan? Shouldn’t be a problem.

I guess it will have to wait until we are in Brisbane.

Not much else to report from our 3 day stay in Ilfracombe – it was very hot. 37.2 degrees in the van and 42.5 degrees under the awning.
I did go out to look for a geocache and actually found it.
It is in the Machinery Mile in Ilfracombe. I didn’t take my camera with me, but used my android phone to record the path and took photos with the phone.
Check it out here:


Lesley did the washing so all our clothes are clean now. Except for winter clothes. We will not need them again before we get back home. So the washing can wait until we have proper facilities.

We are getting close to the end of our 7 month trip. Once we are at home, we have to make a lot of decisions. Will we stick with our current Kedron Cross Country, just 16 1/2 foot long? Will we upgrade to a larger van? If we upgrade to a larger van, will it fit in the front yard? If not – where will we move to? Find something close to Brisbane with sufficient room? Move into a place similar to RV Homebase where we can leave anytime we want, knowing the place will be looked after? We certainly have to resolve the problem with Amy’s cat, Jaffa. We can’t be tied down by her cat.

Lots of things to think about. I certainly know that I want to travel more.

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