To Tambo

From Ilfracombe we travelled via Barcaldine, Blackall to Tambo. Months ago, on our way to Alice, we were travelling through this area and it was very wet. In fact we had to wait in Blackall for the black soil to dry out before we could leave the camping area.

What a difference a few months can make. The area is very dry. We saw many empty cattle trucks heading out here, to pick up cattle as the area just can not support the number of cattle any more.

Before we reached Tambo, we stopped at the Wild Dog Fence, an incredible long fence to keep dingos out of the area. 6500km of fence – put into perspective this would be a fence going from Zurich, Switzerland, past New Delhi in India. I am currently reading ‘The Dog Fence’ by James Woodford on overdrive from the Brisbane Library. So this was an opportune moment to come across this incredible fence.
(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)

We stopped in Tambo for lunch in a lovely café. Fish Burger with a real piece of fish. We wanted to spend the night on the creek outside of Tambo. From Tambo we were planning to go across dirt roads to Springsure. We were surprised to see the road condition to state 4WD only.
(Lesley’s photo)

We went into town to check with the Tourist Office what the issue was with the road. However they were closed for lunch. Across the road is a little museum. We checked with the lady minding the office and she said she noticed the sign the other day and was surprised as well. To make sure she rang the lady from the tourist office by calling her at home. What service! Anyhow we were assured that the road was fine if it wasn’t wet.

A couple of lovely buildings in Tambo.

Reassured we drove back to the camp site. On the way in we saw lots of kangaroos in the shade of trees close to the dry creek. We set up camp on the bank of a very dry creek bed, leaving the Kedron hooked up to the LandCruiser.

Sitting in the shade of the Kedron we watched the scenery and the bird life. This is a pair of Crested Pigeons also know as a Top Knot Pigeons. Quite different from the Spinifex Pigeon – much smaller crest and the Spinifex Pigeon is more colourful.

I went for a walk along the creek bed. Very dry.

All the same it shows more life than the surrounding area.

I think this is a Willie Wagtail – what was unusual about the bird was that it stayed in one spot for quite some time. Normally Willie Wagtails are always in motion.

At sunset there were a few clouds on the horizon.

An omen of a change of weather?

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