To Nanango

Decision made, we are going to Nanango. Having made up our minds, we drove to Nanango – not stopping for any sightseeing. The last part of the trip led through interesting scenery, driving over the Bunya Mountain Range. I quite enjoyed the ride.
When taking pictures out of a moving car you never know what they will show. I am sure Lesley didn’t want the backside of that billboard in the picture.

It was good meeting up with our friends, having a good chat. In the evening the caravan park put on a sausage sizzle and we had an enjoyable evening around the BBQ.

Sunday I tried to fix a leaking tap without much success. Apart from that, more chatting and sitting in the shade.

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3 Responses to To Nanango

  1. Jill Joicey says:

    We hope to see you when you get home …even for the short time while you get rid of the cat buy a bigger van and then get out again !!! GO FOR IT ! and the drag you will feel as you pull off will be me hanging off the bumper bar,

  2. Christine martins says:

    That area is amazingly scenic. You say you enjoyed the ride; does this mean Lesley is now driving with the van on back? Val is more experienced than me, but on long trips I take over about 30% of the time.

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