To Pilliga Bore Baths

We had a fairly early morning start, leaving Bingara behind.

We had been unable to use the two gas bottles which were meant to be full and used the third bottle that we had filled before leaving Maryborough. So getting the bottles filled was a high priority. We checked with Kay where the best place is to fill gas bottles in Narrabri. She directed us to a hardware store.

While Lesley went into the store to find a more comfortable camping chair, I removed the bottles from the rack. I thought they felt very heavy so we decided to test them again. Surprise – the bottles were full and worked fine. No idea what we did wrong when testing the first time. Anyhow it was a good stop, Lesley found a chair to replace the RV Homebase chair, which she found quite uncomfortable to sit in for longer periods.

As the inverter in the van was not working, I wanted to buy a short term solution. In Repco we found a modified sine wave inverter 300W for a reasonable price. That will have to do for a while. It is mainly to charge my laptop and tablet.

Parked at Pilliga

Parked at Pilliga

The drive to Pilliga was uneventful. Lesley prepared lunch while I was setting up camp.

Pilliga is famous for their Artesian Bore Baths. An Artesian Bore was established early 20th century. Today the bore feeds hot water straight into a pool that is accessible for free to visitors to Pilliga. After lunch I joined others for a soak in the baths. Not many people are here at the moment and people in the baths were quite talkative.

The Bore Baths in Pilliga

The Artesian Bore Baths in Pilliga

The rest of the afternoon I spent attempting to connect the satellite dish. Unfortunately I was not successful.

We had a nice sunset.

Sunset as seen from our campsite in Pilliga

Sunset as seen from our campsite in Pilliga

In the morning I went for a walk in the Piliga Wetlands. The birdlife is prolific here, the overflow from the bore baths providing the waterbirds with water.

Birdlife at Pilliga Wetlands before sunrise

Birdlife at Pilliga Wetlands before sunrise

Pelican at Pilliga Wetlands

Pelican at Pilliga Wetlands

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3 Responses to To Pilliga Bore Baths

  1. Kay says:

    I also wandered the wetlands during sunrise while you know who slept on. Bruce was wondering why you had to fill 2 gas bottles already!

  2. Peter says:

    Dear Lesley and Erich,
    We enjoy reading your travelogue and we love Erich’s beautiful photos. Makes us feel as if we were there.
    Have a wonderful and safe trip.
    Peter and Denise

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