Gum Bend Lake

Gum Bend Lake is another free campsite that is quite popular. The lake is artificial and is used for skiing as well as other recreational activities.

On the first morning I walked around the lake. This photo is looking from the opposite end towards the camping area.

Bird life is prolific, strangely enough mainly at the camping ground end of the lake. Hardly a bird can be seen at the other end.

We were in the caravan when a LandCruiser with a Kedron Caravan pulled along side of us to reverse into a spot behind us. Having owned a Kedron before this piqued our interest. However we didn’t recognise the van, nor the vehicle.

A little later a loud knock on the door announced the arrival of a couple we have known for a long time through the Kedron Owners Group. Despite being in a completely different van, they knew it was us as they recognised our numberplate! We enjoyed a pleasant afternoon and evening exchanging stories and gossip.

Sunset was as spectacular as sunrise.

Birds at sunset.

We stayed a couple of nights before heading further south.

View the trip map: To Gum Bend Lake at EveryTrail

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1 Response to Gum Bend Lake

  1. wandwill says:

    beautiful photos, make me want to be there

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