To Ardlethan

After good byes to our friends at Gum Bend Lake we continued our way west on minor roads. We headed towards Lake Cargelligo. This is a natural lake that used to fill in floods and dry out afterwards. Building levy walls resulted in a permanent lake. We wanted to check out campsites for future visits and found two camp grounds, both would offer a pleasant stay.

By the time we reached Hillston it was time for lunch. It was not easy to find a parking spot for our long vehicles but by coincidence the spot we found was right opposite the bakery.

While we were waiting for lunch, we could keep an eye on the van – not that we felt it was necessary.

Lunch was worth waiting for…

We had a short walk around in Hillston.

Lovely to see historic buildings being used and kept in good condition.

Griffith was going to be the destination for the night. However we didn’t find an inviting spot so we continued on.

We spent the night in Ardlethan. They have a few spots for travellers, four of them with electricity. It costs two dollars for 12 hours so we decided we would take up one of these spots – making it easier to recharge our devices. After inserting the two dollar coin in the slot we still had no electricity. When Lesley pointed out that we were parked in spot 4, I realised that I just paid for the people in site 2. Never mind, an additional two dollars fixed the problem.

As usual, in the morning I went for a walk. It was a very cold morning. I enjoyed walking through a park with plaques explaining the history of the town. I was going to take some pictures, but unfortunately I left the SD card to record the photos in the van.

Tin was found in the area around 1900 and the town owes it’s existence to the tin mines that were established here. Mining ceased in 1986 due to the collapse of tin prices. There are other plaques – one explaining why Ardlethan is home to the Kelpie and a plaque explaining the link with the Anthrax vaccine. Read about the Anthrax vaccine developed in Ardlethan on Monuments Australia

Check out the trip map: To Ardlethan at EveryTrail

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1 Response to To Ardlethan

  1. Kay says:

    This is the spot where we spent a night blast year. Did a town wander taking photos in a hurry as rain was coming. Got back to van-bugger SD card still in computer so a hurried trip back around town before the rain started.

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