Chiltern Caravanersforum UWE – Birds

Of course the UWE is not full time. We get the chance to do our own thing. So I go for my walks and enjoy the scenery.

Chiltern is meant to be a birders paradise. While we are not birders we enjoy looking at birds. I also enjoy taking photos of birds. This post it to show some of the bird photos I took. I understand these are all quite common birds, so nothing special for the birders. But quite special for me especially as it gave me the opportunity to try out my new lens.

Duck in the last rays of sunshine

Red Browed Finch?

Only a few of the above photos were taken from this bird hide. The majority of them were taken during my walks.

The next two photos are not of birds – but just some nature shots I wanted to show somewhere.

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1 Response to Chiltern Caravanersforum UWE – Birds

  1. Kay says:

    Erich love the duck at sunrise. Bruce & Lesley do not know what they are missing on these early walks, Bruce more than Lesley I reckon.!

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