Chiltern Caravanersforum UWE

Our stay in Chiltern is coming to an end. We will be leaving tomorrow. We arrived at the Lake Anderson Caravan Park last Tuesday. Together with two other vehicles we are in the unpowered area of the park with plenty of space around us.

We are in Chiltern to participate in the caravanersforum Easter UWE. This is the third time that we are attending the Easter UWE. These get together are always a lot of fun – meeting old friends, making new friends, exchanging ideas and having lots of laughs. This year was no different.

The last UWE we attended was at Gentle Annie in Whitfield in 2013. Just like then, we are parked next to the same couple – but what is different is the tow vehicle. They acquired it on an auction at Grays on line and Bob has modified it to suit their purpose. Great looking vehicle, it has only done some 11000 kilometers.

Plenty of stow room and carrying capacity to match.

Lake Anderson is just 50 meters from the campsite.

It offered some great sunsets.

Another sunset.

The posts for the last week will be a bit different. Rather than posting in chronological order, the posts will be by theme.

View map and track to Chiltern:To Chiltern at EveryTrail

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2 Responses to Chiltern Caravanersforum UWE

  1. Peter says:

    Wonderful pictures Erich! Thanks.

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