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Chiltern is quite an historical town. It has its foundation in the gold rush period and the Post Office was established in 1859. Check out Wikipedia for more history of the town.,_Victoria as well as for the historical buildings under National Trust.

I love the Bank Of Australasia building – who knows what happened to the actual bank.

As my father was a printer by trade and my daughter has worked in a printing office until very recently, I am always interested in anything associated with the printing industry. The Federal Standard Office is the place were the Federal Standard Newspaper was printed. Unfortunately the museum is only open once a month and it did not coincide with our visit.

Lovely setting amidst all the trees.

For more information about the building and the Federal Standard – check out

We passed a couple of churches in the car while driving through Chiltern. I decided to check them out on one of my morning walks. Both churches are a little bit outside of the center of town. This is the Chiltern Anglican Church.

Chiltern Anglican Church – lovely door hinges

The Chiltern United Church is not far from the Anglican Church – but access is from a different road.

Once again, lovely door hinges.

The bell is very small compared to the Church Bells I am used to seeing in Europe.

Chiltern Atheneum – this probably would have been worth a visit. But we didn’t make it this time.

Chiltern Atheneum annex

A historic building – who would have thought that a building built in 1935 is a historic building. My father lived in a building built in the 1500s.

I was thinking of making a separate blog entry for the Chiltern Railway Station. But it fits in well with the historical building title. The railway station is still very much in use today and many trains stop here. I believe it is used by commuters to go into Albury.

Not sure what this building was/is used for.

On Chiltern Railway Station – locked door and bench

Although the buildings at the railway station are quite historical, the railway station’s facilities are quite modern.

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