Chiltern UWE Caravanersforum – trip into the Alps

We went for a drive up into the Victorian Alps. Beechworth is quite a touristy town – all the same we loved it. We want to come back here and go through all the fancy restaurants! That could easily take us a week. In the center of town, every single building seems to be an historic place.

The court house is one of the oldest buildings and has seen many different functions.

It is part of a larger complex of early government buildings.

The Beechworth Bakery was recommended to us by fellow travellers as a must visit. It was still early in the morning – too early for lunch. So we went in for a cappuccino.

and resisted the temptations of all the goods on display. (Lesley’s photo)

We walked around the town and admired the old buildings, such as this church on top of the main street.

We enjoyed walking under the verandahs looking at shops as well as looking at buildings on the opposite side of the road.

The Beechworth Post Office with it’s clock tower is still in use as a post office today.

I don’t think either of these clocks is showing the right time.

We continued on towards Mount Beauty. But before getting there we had to cross a mountain pass. On top of the pass, this lookout offered a great view over the valley on the other side. The mountain pass is quite steep and the road winding, including some hairpin turns. I was glad I was not towing the caravan. (Lesley’s photo)

Mount Beauty wasn’t at all what I expected. I thought it was a mountain village but it is in the valley with mountains surrounding it. We decided on lunch at the local club and although service was lacking a bit, had a great steak at a very reasonable price.

Throughout the trip we admired the autumn colours of the tree foliage. Many leaves had turned yellow and some were turning red. Coming from Queensland, we are not used to these splendid displays. It never gets cold enough.

We returned to Chiltern by following the valley – a much easier road than the one via Beechworth.

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1 Response to Chiltern UWE Caravanersforum – trip into the Alps

  1. wandwill says:

    We lived in Albury for 17 years, this has bought back fantastic memories

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