Lock 9 – part 2

I spent a lot of time walking around the area taking photos of birds. The rest of the time we just sat around, surfing the internet or doing nothing at all. My kind of a stay.

We were able to get close to some of the birds. While the shags continued to watch us, they stayed quite a while

before deciding it was time to prepare for flight.

No doubt the male is more beautiful.

I love the patterns in the feathers.

I managed to take a photo of a Black Kite in flight

after it flew from it’s perch.

I saw a crow near this nest, so I assume it is a crow’s nest.

The song of the Hooded Robin is beautiful – it guided me to this tree and the birds.

A close up of a Hooded Robin

There were at least ten of these birds in this tree. Unlike other birds, they were mostly walking on the tree bark. From time to time they put their heads into hollows on the tree. Not sure whether they nest in there or whether they are after food that is inside the tree hollows.

More details of these birds.

A flock of Apostle birds was scurrying on the ground.

They rarely fly up into trees.

By the way, if you know your birds and you know a bird that we didn’t name, please let us know in the comments. Or if we named a bird incorrectly, please tell us the correct name.

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4 Responses to Lock 9 – part 2

  1. Kay says:

    Keep them coming Erich- great close shots with your new camera .Magpies & crows have very untidy nests

    • Thanks Kay, I am very happy with my new camera and the new telephoto zoom lens. I still haven’t received the teleconverter yet, but it is on it is on it’s way to Tinana… Not sure how and when I will receive it. It should allow me to get even closer.

  2. Eoghan says:

    The photos are looking great Erich – really loving the bird shots.
    Seems like the perfect camera for this type of photography.

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