To Lock 9

We received a phone call that our inverter had arrived in Mildura – time to venture into the big City to attempt to locate the shop. We travelled along country roads, some of them just one lane sealed, but also for some time on the Sturt Highway. I was pleased to see how well the van was towing at these higher speeds. Whereas in the old van I didn’t like to travel close to 100km/h, this van behaves really well – you hardly know it’s there.

The shop was next to McDonald’s so after picking up the inverter we both had a wrap and a cappuccino for an early lunch. Lesley had chosen another great spot for our stay.

Lock 9 is still a functioning lock on the river Murray that operates mainly for pleasure crafts and occasionally for house boats.

Lots of water is flowing over the weir.

The river looks quite calm but there is a steady flow of water.

Lesley on the boat ramp. The boat ramp is used by campers to launch their boats. The fishing just below the weir seems to be quite good with reports of fair sized yellow belly caught.

Pelicans like to fish in this area as well.

In the tree next to us, these little birds were frequently seen rushing through the branches, seldom sitting still.

In the same tree.

We frequently saw Black Kites flying in the air – rarely did we see Black Kites resting nearby.

At the bank of the Murray, a little down stream from the camping area.

Another little bird.

A very big bird – there were about 7 Emus in this flock.

More Emus

We stayed 3 nights at Lock 9 – I took so many photos that I will split them into two or three posts.

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