Lock 9 – part 3

Just a few more photos from our stay at Lock 9. 

At Lock 9

I love how neatly they coil their ropes. The whole area within Lock 9 is very neat and tidy. The lawn is like walking on a sponge.

Last light on the caravan by the setting sun.

The following morning sunrise behind a gum tree creates a great scene.

On my morning walk I heard a continuous buzz. On closer inspection it was a bush attracting hundreds of bees. I first thought they might be native bees, but they looked like ordinary bees.

I soon found this beehive close by, which explained the many bees I had seen earlier.

Bees returning to the beehive.

I am not sure what they are doing on the outside of the hive – perhaps the hive is full?

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2 Responses to Lock 9 – part 3

  1. Eoghan says:

    I really love the photo of the bee at the bush. Great focus Erich.

  2. Thanks Eoghan – getting the focus right certainly wasn’t easy. Automatic focus didn’t work as the surrounding bush is dominant in the photo. I set manual focus and waited for a bee to arrive at the correct distance.

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