Burra Creek Gorge – day of arrival

From Hogwash Bend it was a quick trip to Burra Creek Gorge. It involved crossing the river Murray with a ferry. This is a convenient service that is completely free of charge for the users. The ferry runs along cables that cross the river. (Lesley’s photo)

As we neared Burra a mountain range could be seen in the background. It must be the Southern Flinders Ranges. (Lesley’s photo)

Getting closer. (Lesley’s photo)

We arrived before lunchtime and had plenty of choices for camp sites. Back in 2011 we had a quick stop at Burra Creek Gorge when travelling in a hired car, staying at B & Bs. We liked the area but rain kept us from exploring it. https://southaustralia2011.wordpress.com/2011/05/26/burra-creek-gorge/

The area had changed a bit since then as the tracks had been improved and some areas roped of for regenerative planting. We soon found a spot with a great view.

We went for a walk along the creek and admired the many old trees.

The hills surrounding the gorge are almost without trees, having given way to wheat fields.

This lonely tree only survived thanks to the rocky area it stands in.

The creek was flowing quite strongly making gurgling sounds as it ran across rocks. In other areas it was wide and still. We crossed the creek to explore further upstream. The crossing consisted of small rocks having been placed in the creek bed. Unfortunately one of the rocks wasn’t that firm in the bed and moved as you stepped on it. Lesley lost her footing and ended up with wet shoes.

On the way back to the caravan we came across this little bird, a tree climber that walks up and down the tree bark, hanging off with its big claws.

I think this is the same bird.

You don’t get the nice colours in the sky because the sun sets behind the hills.

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