To Crystal Brook

We left Burra Creek Gorge to head to Crystal Brook. The first ten kilometres of the road we backtracked the way we came. But in the morning light the hillsides with the deep shadows were even more spectacular.

(Lesley’s Photo)

There are many of these old buildings in South Australia – I believe they are abandoned buildings that were built to maintain the telegraph lines that were built in the late nineteenth century.
(Lesley’s Photo)

Abandoned telegraph building, apparently in relatively good condition.
(Lesley’s Photo)

Having been to Burra on several occasions we bypassed it and travelled towards our destination. On the way we saw many wind turbines in the distance, here we got fairly close to them.
(Lesley’s Photo)

Wind power is a significant contributor to the South Australian electricity supply. As of August 2014, 29% of electricity used in South Australia came from wind farms. More information about wind power in South Australia on Wikipedia

We arrived at the Crystal Brook Caravan Park late morning and were soon set up.

This is the second time for us to stay here. The first time we had decided to stay in the unpowered section – which was a fair way from the rest of the gathering people. So this time we elected to go to a powered site. This is also good for us as we don’t have a big inverter yet. Well we don’t have it installed yet, it travels on the back seat of the LandCruiser. So for the first time on our trip the coffee machine came into use to have a cappuccino with our lunch. 

We were the first of the group to arrive. I went for a walk in the afternoon through the golf course nearby. This is the fairway of one of the holes – pretty rough ground, but beautiful setting.

One of the trees in the golf course had many of these birds in it – are they Apostle Birds?

They only seem to sit on dead branches.

A Crested Pigeon in a tree.

And a Galah

When I returned to the park one more couple had arrived. It was the organisers of the gathering, Mick and Ros.

We had a quick chat with them but let them set up site in peace.

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6 Responses to To Crystal Brook

  1. Kay says:

    Please say hi to Ros & Mick & any others we would know please.

  2. wandwill says:

    We also stayed at Crystal Brook, 2 years ago, won a meat raffle at the hotel on the corner, beautiful meat, lovely people

  3. Yesterday we wanted to get some bacon and ham from the butcher opposite the hotel as we knew he does his own smoking. Unfortunately he is closed on Saturdays.

  4. Peter says:

    I remember a few landscapes from our trip a couple of years ago.

  5. David and Jill Joicey says:

    Hi ,finally got to visit your blog today as always your photos are amazing ,so glad you are enjoying your trip.
    travel safe xxx

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