Friday morning walk – old buildings

On Friday I walked into town along back streets. Many beautiful buildings that were built about 100 years ago. I am not going to comment on every photo, rather I hope that these photos give you an impression of Crystal Brook.

I talked to a woman getting the newspaper from the front lawn. She mentioned that a lot of the houses were built by a builder from Port Pirie who was an excellent stone mason. The local stone used is an excellent building material and houses last well without much upkeep.

Another example of nicely done verandah setting.

The Crystal Brook Hotel, one of two hotels in town.

The Crystal Brook Hotel – as seen from the other side of the street. Originally it was a one storey building – the upper storey was added later on and the top balcony even later.

The grape leaves along the verandah of the Crystal Brook Hotel have changed colour with the cold autumn nights.

Just a slightly different view. I like them both and couldn’t decide which one to use.

Flowering gum tree. You can tell that it had been raining with the water drops on the end of the petals. It drizzled on and off on my walk.

The old post office had a few modifications to its front.

The Royal Hotel is the other hotel in town. The leaves of the tree you see on the top right of the photo are the leaves of a peppercorn tree. Peppercorn trees were planted along the middle of the main street and make a nice display. We first saw them in Ariah Park in New South Wales and have seen them now in many towns.

This building is the first two storey building in Crystal Brook. It was first built as a shop only and the second storey was added later when the owner decided to live on the premises. It was a bakery for some years and has two unique underground ovens in the cellar of the building. From 1911 to 1972 it was a lolly shop.

The National Trust saved the building from demolition in 1977 and today it is the Heritage Centre and a museum.

Lovely roses – many residents put a lot of work into their gardens.

The Church of St Silas

I understand this is the oldest building in Crystal Brook.

Another example of a nice setting under the verandah.

The weather improved later in the day but by the end of the day it looked like rain again. All the same a fire was started, we took a glass of wine and our chairs over to the fire and talked to others in the group. Unfortunately it started to drizzle again. Lesley had an umbrella so we huddled under it for a while. But the rain set in and we retreated to the caravan. It rained quite heavily during the night.

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2 Responses to Friday morning walk – old buildings

  1. Kay says:

    Great Erich as usual. Thanks. Brings back memories of a walk Catriona & I did there one morning. Have you seen the huge lizard in town?

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