Saturday – Crystal Brook Gathering

Once again I didn’t walk very far on Saturday morning. This is about as far as I walked – the green of one of the golf holes. Green is probably not the right word – not a blade of grass in sight.

Just on the other side of the Golf Course fence, the wheat fields start.

The wheat has been harvested and I think the new crop hasn’t been planted yet.

In the background I spotted wind generators – possibly the same ones we passed on the way from Burra.

On the way back I passed a paddock with a few horses being tended by someone. Beautiful horses – unfortunately they didn’t co-operate and I wasn’t able to take shots showing the full horse. I had a short chat with the man attending to the horses, remarking on the weather. He would have liked to see more rain – whereas I was glad to see the sunshine.

The rest of the day we spent around the Caravan Park. This was the day with the most activities organised for the group. Lunch was provided – sausages, rissoles and vegetable bake for $7.50 a head. This might appear a bit much, but it is a fund raiser for the Royal Flying Doctor Service, so we didn’t mind contributing. To go over to the camp kitchen you have to cross a little bridge. As a fund raiser and for a bit of a laugh, a bridge toll was extracted for anybody crossing the bridge – a gold coin donation was suggested.

Lunch was the start of a good get together and we had many interesting conversations. Sort of like a happy hour, but too early for any alcohol. Dinner was going to be a pot luck affair where you were expected to bring along a dish to be shared by everyone. Lesley was busy in the kitchen preparing Craig’s potato bake. It’s a potato bake with a difference – the potatoes are mashed, enriched with cream cheese and to add a few more calories chopped up bacon is added. Her potato bake was one of many – but I am sure it was the best. All sort of different dishes were brought along and it made for a great meal.

I couldn’t resist another sunset photo opportunity.

After dinner a further fund raiser – an auction of sundry items that were donated by businesses and the people at the gathering. We contributed the 300W inverter that we purchased earlier in the trip to get us out of some problems but now was superfluous. We paid $67 for it and I think somebody bought it for $25 – a bargain for them and some more money raised for the RFDS. We bought a little AM/FM/SW/LW radio for $12. As our van does not have a radio, this will provide some background noise in the future.

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