Sunday morning walk along Heysen Trail

I had seen quite a few walkers pacing along the fence line of the Crystal Brook Caravan Park. The Heysen Trail leads along the track next to the Caravan Park. The Heysen trail is a walking track that is 1200km long – you can’t do it in a day! It leads from the very south of South Australia, Cape Jervis to Parachilna in the Flinders Ranges north of here. It is named after the painter Hans Heysen who is famous for his paintings of rural scenes in South Australia.

We have been to both, Cape Jervis (on the way to Kangaroo Island) and Parachilna (more than once while travelling through the Flinders Ranges).

On a previous trip to South Australia, we visited the property “The Cedars” that the painter Hans Heysen lived in for many years until his death in 1968. It is in Hahndorf, a popular tourist destination in the Barossa Valley. The Cedars is a very interesting place with lots of history attached to it. Many of his paintings are displayed in the property, but I also found it interesting to see the way he lived. If you are interested have a read of our blog entry from 2011.

I decided to have a go at followin the trail for a short distance. I found it is marked quite well. All the same I managed to miss a marker and had to rely on my general knowledge of the direction of the trail to find my way. But it didn’t take long to find another marker.

The river gums in the Crystal Brook Valley might well have featured in Heysen’s paintings. Do a search with ‘Hans Heysen Paintings’ on bing or google to see some of his work.

This dried flower looked unreal – it stands on a stem about 1 meter high.

Once the trail started climbing the hills, the dense valley foliage gave way to wheat country on one side.

On the other side it was cattle country. We haven’t seen many cattle in this area and I was surprised to see so many grazing the barren soil.

I don’t think this windmill is pumping water any more.

More birds on dead branches.

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1 Response to Sunday morning walk along Heysen Trail

  1. Leigh says:

    I LOVE that cow photo! I just want to pat that beautiful face and and ears xx

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