Port Pirie, Port Germain, Port Germain Gorge, Laura

Our router had a loose connection with the power supply and as a consequence the connection frequently dropped out. I had a cable that fit into the power connector a lot better, so I thought I would give that a try. Within a split second I could smell burning – needless to say the router no longer worked after this. I misread the power plug – it’s output is 5V and I connected it to 12V.

We ordered a replacement router in Port Pirie which should have arrived on Friday but we never received a message that it had arrived. After numerous attempts to contact the correct person we finally got through. The router had arrived on Friday and could be collected any time. We drove into Port Pirie, picked up the router and the problem was solved.

While in Port Pirie we had a look around. There are a few nice old buildings in town.
The old railway station.

(All photos in this post were taken by Lesley.)

The Post Office.

As we were already out we decided to extend our trip. We drove to Port Germein and checked out the jetty.

A bit about the history of Port Germein, when it used to be the largest grain shipping port in Australia.

The lighthouse stands at the land end of the jetty.

We couldn’t quite figure out this structure – I believe it is a tide gauge, showing the water level to approaching ships.

Weeroona Island is between Port Pirie and Port Germein – in this shot as seen from the Port Germein Jetty. Apparently it is connected to the mainland by a causeway.

From Port Germein we drove away from the coast towards a mountain range. It didn’t look like there would be a road to pass over the mountain, but there is a gorge passing through the mountain chain. It is a windy road, in places steep.

In January/February 2014 the Bangor fire had destroyed most of the vegetation in this area. The many grass trees are all charred – no green at all.

It will take years for them to recover.

We drove via Laura where we had pies for lunch.

Lesley posted the above picture on Facebook with the following description:
OMG! Lamb’s fry and bacon pie!!Yummo!
Kangaroo and red wine pie for Erich — with Erich Nussbaumer at De’Cafe Laura.

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