Springton, Barossa Valley

We spent about a week in Springton with the friends with whom we will travel in the coming weeks through the very remote parts of Australia.

The block next to their home is vacant and we were allowed to park there.

The grape vines climbing on the chicken yard fence were in full autumn colours.

While there, we wanted to have the inverter installed that we had purchased in Mildura. Good job the auto electrician was a skinny bloke.

The job was bigger than the auto electrician had envisaged and the van was at the workshop for a couple of days. There were a couple of other things we wanted to have done – as a consequence we were without a vehicle for 3 days. This gave us plenty of opportunity to explore Springton. The church is just up the road from where we were parked.

The Herbig Family Tree is also close by along the main street. Lesley is reading the story of the Herbig Family, migrant pioneers  who made the tree their home for a number of years in the mid 1800s. More info: http://www.southaustralianhistory.com.au/herbig.htm

Lesley’s photo from the other side.

There are still many stone walls in the Springton area. They were built during the depression in a work for the dole scheme.

The original township of Springton used to be about 2km from its current position. The church that was built there still stands but is a private residence now.

On Anzac day I joined our hosts early in the morning when they raised the Australian Flag to half mast in Springton. It was a freezing cold morning with drizzle in the air.

After the flag raising we attended the dawn service in nearby Mount Pleasant. I was amazed how many people turned up on such a miserable morning.

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