Trips from Springton

While camped in Springton we took a number of trips into the surrounding area. Gawler is the nearest town with facilities and we ended up in Gawler at least twice.

On one occasion we bought a new phone for myself – the old one finally, after many years, would not boot again. Big-W had a good deal on a HTC phone and as I had been happy with my old HTC phone I decided to get this one. As a side benefit I can now update some of the apps to the latest version, which was no longer possible on the old version of Android that my phone used.

Gawler is a busy place of substance. Some of the buildings are grand. Here the Town Hall.

The ANZ bank now occupies this building.

The National Bank is almost opposite in a substantial, old building.

Just a bit from the main street we found this old building with a very modern addition.

On one occasion on the way to Gawler we went via the Whispering Wall. (Lesley’s photo)

When on one side of the wall you can hear clearly what is being said on the other side of the wall. This is due to the shape of the wall, the sound travelling along the wall. We didn’t bother to walk to the other side as plenty of Japanese Tourists were testing out the wall. The dam wall forms a quite substantial lake, a water reservoir that was built for the water supply of Gawler.

On another trip we wanted to find some geocaches near to Springton. This took us off the main roads into the hinterland of the Barossa Valley. Amazing the scenery you can explore when venturing off the main roads. (Lesley’s photo)

This particular geocache is near a memorial plaque for the first president of Trees For Life, an organisation that plants around a million trees a year in South Australia. (Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)

The other geocache was also near a memorial. This memorial was erected at a site where returning soldiers from World War one were allocated land so that they could carve out a living for themselves. What a hard start at civilian life after having fought for their country.

The trip brought us back to the Eden Valley Lookout, a lookout we had been at before when travelling the wine regions in South Australia.

This site has a lot of plaques giving the history of the region and is worth a visit, just to learn more about the history of the early settlers.

From the lookout we travelled on to Nuriootpa – commonly known as Nuri. We first didn’t know what village people were talking about when they mentioned Nuri until it was explained to us. We bought various smoked meats in the butcher’s shop there as well as some normal meat. Lesley also bought some warmer tops in an amazing little shop, crammed full of clothing, mainly for woman.

I liked the little town. Once again there are many historic buildings in the town.

We also travelled down to Strathalbyn with a detour via the outskirts of Adelaide to pick up a cable for our remote camera. In Strathalbyn we visited a couple that we have met in our caravanning travels and enjoyed a reunion and a good chat with them.

We had a good time in Springton. Unfortunately the weather was not great. It was cold and we had quite a bit of rain. Inside in front of a wood fire, we were very comfortable. We were glad that the inverter had been installed and the TyreDogs repeater was now installed and reporting the tyre pressure on 8-wheels. Unfortunately the rear view camera on the Caravan still is not working. As the caravan is narrower, the view with the rear view mirrors is a lot better, which sort of compensates for the lack of a camera.

After a week in Springton we took off to explore Yorke Peninsula.

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2 Responses to Trips from Springton

  1. RossnRos says:

    We met at Windorah and have been enjoying your latest enteries.
    I understand you are doing the Gary Junction Road. Enjoy the drive, we did that trip in 2007

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