Alice Springs

23rd to 30th May 2015

Alice Springs was mainly a stay to get organised for our next stage of the trip, the Garry Junction Road. We collected mail, we shopped, we organised various bit and pieces to make improvement to our setup. Who knows how many trips to Bunnings, Repco, Dessert Dwellers and other specialist shops we made. We did very little sight seeing in Alice Springs, except for stopping on a shopping trip to Bunnings. The Old Telegraph Station Reserve is not far from Bunnings so a quick detour on the way back to the park. Coincidentally there is a geocache there – which we didn’t find. The Old Telegraph Station is surrounded by interesting scenery.


The actual Old Telegraph Station is a complex of buildings that requires an entry fee. We didn’t have enough time to warrant a visit.

There is a small memorial with a plaque that tells the story of how Alice Springs got its name.

An information board elaborates on the story.

The setting of the memorial plaque. The geocache is somewhere in the rocks on the other side of the river.

This is the area that gave Alice Springs its name – certainly no water when we were there. Walking back across the river after our futile attempt to find the geocache located in the rocks.

The caravan park was located just outside of Alice Springs and we passed through The Gap many times.

We stayed in Alice Springs a bit longer than we originally intended, in part because one of our fellow travelers had to go to hospital for a couple of days. She recovered well and was fit to travel the day after the discharge. She spoke very highly of the staff at the hospital.

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