Hamilton Station

17th/18th May 2015

While Kay and Bruce continued along the Oodnadatta track to Marla and we turned north towards the Pedirka Track. We stopped overnight at Hamilton Station, a bush camping area where you can stay for $10.00 a night.

Very little in facilities – 2 drop toilets and a shelter as well as rubbish bins.

Having been a Station for many years various relics have accumulated in the area. This axle and wheel are from a vehicle built in the 1920s – the wooden spokes that can be seen in this wheel were soon replaced with wire spokes.

While the fence post still stands, the fence itself no longer exists, but for a few strands of wire.

On my walks I came across this creek bed where water had eroded the sandy landscape.

Some interesting flowers are growing in the area.

A spectacular sunset was followed by this beautiful sunrise.

Soon we were on the road again, heading into even more remote areas. Shortly after leaving Hamilton Station, we turned right onto the Pedirka Track. The Pedirka Track had been closed for some time due to road works and only reopened two day before we arrived. As a consequence we were expecting the road to be in good condition.

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1 Response to Hamilton Station

  1. Kay says:

    Naturally love the purple flower & the sunset.

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