Leaving Alice to Red Bank Gorge

30th May 2015
We finally left Alice Springs with Val and Chris with the intention of getting close to the start of the Garry Junction Road. We headed towards the West MacDonnell Ranges all on good sealed roads.
(Lesley’s photo)

I didn’t know what to expect on this road (Lesley did) and I was surprised by the mountains we drove by.

We refueled in Glen Helen, an up market resort with fuel – the last for a while. Glen Helen is set near a beautiful water hole.

There were quite a few people enjoying the area – later on we saw one of teir sightseeing helicopters flying over the waterhole and over the hills in the area.

We wanted to check out the Finke River two mile camping area to stay there for a while until the others would catch up with us. A track takes off to the right a short drive from Glen Helen. We drove in and promptly got bogged. So both vehicles needed to be pulled out. Val thought we could have done it ourselves, but I was glad that a Nissan Patrol came along and offered to give us a hand. It took quite an effort to get Val and Chris’s vehicles onto solid ground. Fortunately ours only needed to be pulled back a little way.

All the digging didn’t really help – without the snatch strap and a tow vehicle it would have been difficult to get out.

Once we were on solid ground we decided we didn’t want to venture further in and continued on. Just a few hundred meters on there was a lookout over the area we got bogged in.

This is certainly a beautiful setting and if the preferred campsites had been available, we probably would have stayed there and would have enjoyed being camped in such great surroundings.

Our alternative camp site was at Red Bank Gorge Campground, a little bit further on. This also was a great spot, high on a hill, looking across mountain ranges. After setting up camp it soon was happy hour and we enjoyed a glass of wine enjoying the view, waiting for sunset.

The light across the hills was changing constantly with clouds moving across the valley.

Sunset eventually finished our happy hour.

This photo was taken after sunset, from the door of our caravan.

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One Response to Leaving Alice to Red Bank Gorge

  1. Grace Dobler says:

    Hello, Lesley and Erich!
    Thank you for keeping me on the list even though I have been a lousy correspondent. Your pics of wide open spaces and descriptions of freedom have been nice for someone like me “stuck” in the Swiss mountains. Not feeling sorry for myself, mind you. I have visited two cities (St Petersburg in Russia and Gothenburg in Sweden) this spring and plan at least one more short trip in the autumn. At home, with the regular intervals of rain and sun, everything seems to be growing nicely and there’s no shortage of water in Glarnerland. Family and work are fine. Take care of yourself. Greetings from Leuggelbach, Grace

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