Mambray Creek, Mt Remarkable National Park

Mambray Creek, Mt Remarkable NP

7th May 2015

Moving north from Alford, we travelled via Port Broughton and Port Pirie to Mambray Creek in the Mt Remarkable National Park.

The Parks Pass we purchased in Minlaton gave us entry into the South Australian National Parks plus camping for 2 months but unfortunately, the South Australian Government has adopted the practice of online bookings for many of its National Parks. As every caravanner knows, a camp site for one vehicle is not necessarily suitable for another so it is a risky business to prebook a site without knowing which is a more desirable site and even whether one’s vehicle will fit. The joke is that most of these NPs have no phone or internet reception so a certain amount of preplanning or risk taking is involved. We decided to take a risk and drive through the camping area first to check out all the sites and then retreat till we could pick up phone signal, get on the internet and hope one of the suitable sites was available. As luck would have it, the external phone aerial on our car picked up signal at the Ranger Station and I was able to log in and book a site that we liked.

Fortunately, it was not too crowded and we were a little distanced from other campers, just as we prefer!

A few photos of the locals:

Intrepid Photographer Erich

Love the crossed legs on this Emu

Another cutie

This bird had us searching through our bird books without success. It apparently is a cross breed called an Adelaide Rosella.

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