Oodnadatta Track – 1 – Outside Marree

14th/15th May 2015
We knew that Kay and Bruce were heading for Marree to stay in the grounds of the pub. We went there to meet up with them and possibly to stay there as well. Sure enough they were set up in the camp grounds at the pub and it was good to meet up again. Unfortunately there were already lots of vans in the grounds and we decided to head out of Marree and find a spot off the road to spend the night so that Kay and Bruce could catch up with us the following morning. Val chose a spot not far from Marree – with nothing in particular about the camp ground.

All the same I found plenty to take pictures of. Obviously it is not always dry – here water has carved a little gully into the sand hill.

This is the dirt road coming out of Marree.

Parallel to the road, the old Ghan Railway line used to run until the line was relocated further west. Not much remains from the old line, sleepers and rails have been removed and only the imprints remain.

The landscape is barren and most trees are as dead as this tree trunk.

Kay and Bruce pulled into the campsite around 9:00am and we continued our trip as a convoy of three caravans along the Oodnadatta Track.


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