Oodnadatta Track – 3 – Lake Eyre

15th May 2015
Next stop along the Oodnadatta Track was at a viewing point for Lake Eyre.
(Lesley’s photo)

Our first trip to Lake Eyre was with an organised tour that included a flight over Lake Eyre when it just started to fill up with water. We loved the experience and enjoyed being in the outback so much, that we decided to get a caravan so that we could see more of this amazing country. Four years later after some 50’000km travelling with a caravan we are on our second caravan and still enjoy our travels. (Lesley’s photo)

I am not sure whether there is again water in Lake Eyre. From the distance it looks like just a salt crust remaining after the water evaporated.

Not sure whether these islands are real or whether they are a Fatah Morgana.

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One Response to Oodnadatta Track – 3 – Lake Eyre

  1. Kay says:

    Just salt Erich. I walked quite a distance out there in 2013.

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