Oodnadatta Track – 4 – Wabma Kadarbu Mount Spring

15th May 2015
Not much further along we stopped at the Wabma Kadarbu Mount Spring. From the parking area it is a short walk to the Mount Spring.
(Lesley’s photo)

The spring is a round pond were you can see bubbles rising onto the surface of the water. An amazing sight in this dry country. (Lesley’s photo)

Lesley’s panorama shot shows clearly how the water transforms the immediate surroundings of the spring – only to evaporate creating a little oasis in this arid country.

The grass follows the creek and forms almost a piece of art.

Along the way we stopped for a few geocaches. This one is hidden in a water tower on a disused railway side. (Lesley’s photo)

Another cache was hidden in this creek bed, up on a tree.

We refuelled at the William Creek Pub. As fortune would have it, the handle on the caravan door, that I had previously repaired, broke again. This time it was worse – the outer door was shut and we couldn’t gain entry by poking through the fly screen door. Fortunately Bruce managed to force the door open with some long nosed pliers. I should have fitted the replacement handle as soon as we collected it in Leigh Creek. Now it needed to be done in a sandy spot on the side of the road. After replacing most of the door lock, we travelled on.

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