Oodnadatta Track – 5 – Campsite outside William Creek

15th/16th May 2015
A short distance after William Creek Val spotted this area close to a disused dam. It was an ideal camping spot. As this was the first night that the six of us were camping together, Val opened a bottle of bubbly.

We toasted to a successful trip. As you can see some of us are wearing fly nets over our heads – a clear indication of the fly problem in the area.

We all had collected firewood along the way – a good opportunity to start a camp fire. (Lesley’s photo)

Not quite sure what is going on between these two…

The camp fire soon was lit and we enjoyed the warmth of the fire as the temperature had dropped considerably.

In the morning I explored the surrounding area. I was fascinated by this construction.

It was in the middle of a paddock, fenced by post and rail fencing. Somebody commented on another website that I post pictures to: Bronco Yards! Perhaps this is what it is used for.

Once again, an ordinary camp site with nothing spectacular. But once you start exploring the area, you find some really interesting details.

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