Oodnadatta Track – 6 – Algebuckina Bridge and Waterhole

16th May 2015
Next stop was at the Algebuckina Bridge, a rough track in from the Oodnadatta Track. This bridge served the Old Ghan railway and is now disused as the new track is further west.

It is an impressive bridge crossing the Neales River, which is mostly dry. Built in the late 1800s, the bridge was opened to traffic in 1892. It consists of 19 spans, each 30.9 meters long, making it the longest bridge in South Australia.

There is a story about this wreck, although unconfirmed. Apparently one day when the river was flooded, there was no way to cross in a car. This fellow wanted to visit his partner and decided to drive across the bridge. Unfortunately he did not have the time table information correct and the train collided with the vehicle, pushing it off the bridge. (Lesley’s photo)

We were discussing about staying at the Algebuckina Waterhole over night, but didn’t know where it was and how to get to it. We saw this fellow on a push bike cycling close by. Eventually he approached us and we found out that he was staying at the waterhole in a big bus. He explained to us how to get there and even opened a gate for us.

Once we had directions, it wasn’t difficult to find. There were some campsites along the waterhole, but either they were not easy to get to, were uneven making it impossible to level the van, or didn’t accommodate the three vans.

We camped just a short distance from the waterhole. (Lesley’s photo)

I enjoyed walking around the area and taking photos.

The water tower must have been used to store water for times when the water hole was dry.

Once again we had a camp fire, watching the sun go down.

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One Response to Oodnadatta Track – 6 – Algebuckina Bridge and Waterhole

  1. Tracy says:

    Love the photo of the tree with the waterhole behind it

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