Oodnadatta Track – 7 – Oodnadatta Road House, the Angle Pole Monument

17th May 2015
We continued along the Oodnadatta track to the place that gives the track it’s name: Oodnadatta. The Pink Roadhouse is a great spot to stop, not only for the diesel, but also for good coffees and some toasted sandwiches. It also has rubbish bins that allowed us to dispose of our accumulated rubbish. There was a wide selection of graceries, but we were not in need of replenishment.

We parted company with Kay and Bruce for the time being and continued along with Chris and Val. Kay and Bruce had a deadline to reach friends in Alice Springs and decided to take the faster route via Marla, Kulgera to Alice Springs.

We stopped at the Angle Pole Monument, not only because there was a geocache to locate, but also because I enjoy reading about the history of the area we are travelling through. This one is a bit special as the main information is from a hand written sign.

Incredible to think that back in 1872 a telegraph system existed that connected Adelaide with London. Even more incredible that the telegraph wires were carried by such improvised telegraph poles.

Of course there is also an official plaque beside the hand written sign.


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