Pedirka Track – Pedirka Siding

ess18th May 2015
Pedirka is another relic of the Old Ghan Train. Now abandoned, it used to be a watering point for the steam locomotives pulling the Old Ghan.

We are now very remote and we can only imagine what life would have been like if you were stationed here.

Not sure whether this bed stems from those days or whether it is a newer addition.

I like exploring these old ruins for photo opportunities.

Information plaques inform us of the past of this place.

This map shows the route of the Old Ghan.

We are now in quite different country. The roads are rocky and we are mindful of the damage these roads could do to our tyres if travelling too fast. All the same the going is good.

Soon we entered the Witjira National Park, a park that is not covered by the normal South Australian National Parks Pass. It is part of the Desert Park Pass and requires payment of separate fees. We will spend a few days in this National Park.

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One Response to Pedirka Track – Pedirka Siding

  1. David and Jill says:

    Hi Lesley and Erich ,sounds like a great time is being had in the outback.. Your photos are great and love to read the travel stories that go with them.
    Hope you are both well ,be more gentle with your door handles in future .
    Love to you both Jill and David xx

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