South Australia to Northern Territory

21st May 2015
From 3 O’clock creek we wanted to drive into the Northern Territory – a fairly long day. But we knew that the grader had just been through from Dalhousie Springs to the edge of the Witjira National Park. In fact we had seen the grader coming back when we were parked at 3 O’clock Creek. So the road on this stretch was in excellent condition.
(Lesley’s Photo)

(Lesley’s Photo)

Our first stop was at the Opossum Waterhole, a watering place in the middle of nowhere. Just a five minute break – we enjoyed the spot in the shade of the trees.

Next stop was at Charlotte Waters – a spot that used to be on the Old Ghan Railway line – today very little remains. Here we are looking down into the old well. A deep hole in the ground with steep walls.

At the bottom of the well two snakes appear to be trapped. We assume they fell in when chasing prey and now can not climb the walls.

Who knows how long they have been down there and how they survive.

A lonely grave site – check out the next photo to learn of it’s unusual history.

This little wall is the only remaining wall of the structures around here. It is where the plaque mentioned above is located.

We can only imagine how he spent the six years in this remote location.

The road deteriorated once we came closer to the National Park border and the last few kilometers were slow going. Eventually we arrived at Mt. Dare Hotel, time to refuel with diesel, have a cappuccino and a toasted sandwich. (Lesley’s photo)

The girl that operated the bowser told me that she and her boyfriend had only been at the hotel for a short time. They were on the way from the Blue Mountains to Darwin where a bedroom awaited them. A vacancy had just opened up at the hotel and they were asked whether they wanted to take up the position. When asked how long they will stay, she replied ”I don’t really know. At the moment we enjoy being here and the manager is happy with us. Once either changes we will move on. We have no deadline to get to Darwin”.

(Lesley’s photo)

There was a geocache in the grounds of the hotel. The hint ‘where you normally keep gloves’ made it an easy find. As you can see I wear a jacket as despite the sunshine the morning is still cold. I certainly need a haircut once we get to Alice Springs!
(Lesley’s photo)

From Mt. Dare it wasn’t far to the border to the Northern Territory. Leaving South Australia behind. (Lesley’s Photo)

Entering Northern Territory. (Lesley’s Photo)

The scenery didn’t change much after crossing the border.
(Lesley’s photo)

We bypassed Finke – our traveling companions had worked in Finke for quite some time and had no desire to spend more time there.

When we arrived in Kulgera we left the dirt roads behind for some time. We filled up with Diesel, pumped up the tyres to appropriate pressure for sealed roads and had a spot of lunch at the road house.

A little bit north of Kulgera, we found a spot behind a truck rest stop where we wouldn’t be hindering the truckies. Not a great spot, but as it was only for a night, it didn’t matter much.

Sunset brought a driving day to the end. Time for a rest.

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