Witjira National Park – Dalhousie Springs

18th to 20th May 2015
The main reason we took the Pedirka track was for our friends to have a swim in this thermal spring. All year round it is at 37 degrees. I wasn’t too interested as the steps looked rather slippery. When we walked from our camp site to this spring, we met a few Friends of the Simpson Desert members who were here for a two week volunteer stint to assist with the maintenance of the place. They advised us to go for a swim now, as the steps would be removed in the afternoon to make way for a new set of stairs. We relayed this message to our friends who proceeded to have their first and only swim while we were there. The temporary stairs provided were not suitable for us gray nomads!

The campsites are not easy to maneuver into – but once set up we were happy with our spot. I even managed to get the satellite TV going, despite the fact that none of our mounting brackets were in a useable position – just the wrong angle. The post nearby and a couple of clamps that we carry with us, provided a good base for the satellite dish.

We are at the edge of the Simpson Dessert here and the fresh water attracts many birds.

The landscape surrounding the springs is barren. This is the start of the track across the Simpson Desert to Birdsville. Travelling along this track is a punishable offense should you disobey the signs and travel the track during the prohibited period and the cost of rescue operations can be enormous. In any case, it is not a track suitable for caravans. The track had just opened and we saw plenty of 4WD with tents and some with camper trailers preparing to go that way or having just crossed the Simpson Desert. We even saw a few motor bikes doing the crossing.

Sunrise on the road towards Dalhousie Ruins.

And looking the other way at sunrise.

We enjoyed our stay here, enjoyed watching the volunteers work. We didn’t do much, just relaxing. We did go out to 3 o’clock creek, a camp site 12km from Dalhousie Springs, to check it out as a next stop. We decided to head there next for a night, especially as there is a bore there to replenish our water supply.

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