Gary Junction Road – 1 – drive along the Gary Junction Road

2nd June 2015
It wasn’t far from Redbank Gorge to the end of the bitumen and the start of the Gary Junction Road. We stopped for a photo to mark the occasion of the start of our big trip.

We drove through some amazing country side. All photos in the rest of this post were taken by Lesley.

Mountains on either side of the road captivating our views.

Some of the hills/mountains seemed to be from a different world.

We had decided to fuel up at every opportunity. Although fuel is meant to be available, that does not always mean that it is available. Perhaps the truck didn’t come through, perhaps the store is closed due to a death in the community. So we fuelled up in Papanya, our first re-fuelling on the Gary Junction Road at $2.00 a litre, which was cheaper than the Glen Helen re-fuel ($2.13).

Geocaches provided a welcome relief from the monotony of driving.

Here we are stopped at a geocache site named “Broken Wheel”

Not difficult to guess why this geocache was named “Broken Wheel”

We drove past many abandoned cars. They were mostly on the side of the road. This one was just left where it stopped. It must have been fairly recently, otherwise the wheels would have been taken!

The scenery was impressive with mountain ranges along our road.

There are several markers along the road that Len Beadell placed when the road was first established in 1960.

We stopped at a Telstra Tower site for the night.

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