Ormiston Gorge

1st June 2015

We went for a short drive back to Ormiston Gorge. We had a bit of a look around, used their facilities and to our surprise Kay and Bruce arrived and parked very close to us. They were on their way to Redbank Gorge and decided to have a look around Ormiston Gorge.

We decided to go for a walk together, destination Ghost Gum Lookout. From where we started out, the lookout was quite a way up.

On the way I came across these flowers.

Everybody else arrived at the lookout way before me. I actually contemplated returning the way we came up as I was terrified of the sheer drops we had to pass.

I was asked to pose with Lesley on the platform overlooking the gorge. Nobody could have paid me enough to venture onto that bottomless pit.

We continued along the track and noticed this eagle hovering above.

Eventually it settled in a tree.

Ormiston Gorge is quite different to Redbank Gorge. Especially the path down into the gorge revealed a different kind of gorge.

Once again the trees growing with little to support them were impressing me.

On the way back to the start of the walk we admired this little pond.

Surprisingly a duck was enjoying a swim in the pond.

We returned to Redbank Gorge, the three couples and vans now united for our big trip across the Garry Junction Road.

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