Redbank Gorge

30th May to 2nd June 2015

The first morning after our arrival it was washing day. Our twin tub that we carry with us in the LandCruiser has given us good service. Two nearby trees provided a convenient spot to attach a washing line.

The little washing line that attaches to the back of the checker plated box came with the caravan. Note the aerial sticking up from the rear of the van – it is a 3G aerial that we use to improve reception for our 3G modem. In this particular case it did not help – no reception here, but worth a try.

Later on in the day I went for a walk with Val into the Redbank Gorge.

The walk first takes you on a path along the creek bed, but soon you reach the point where you actually walk in the creek. First it is sandy.

The cliffs along the creek are impressive and it always amazes me how trees find enough water and nourishment in the small cracks between the rocks.

Further along you have to rock-hop to progress towards the gorge.

This rescue ring seemed a bit out of place in this dry part of the gorge, but I guess with heavy rainfall, this area would get fast flowing water.

We finally arrived at the end of the walk. With the sunshine on the rock surface behind the little lake, it seemed to almost glow.

For us it was the end of the walk – others came equipped to venture further.

On the way back we noticed this little pool of water. Fish that had been left behind when the water receded were floating dead on the water’s surface. The finches didn’t mind. Not the best of photos, but I like the way it captured the finch flying.

We walked up to a lookout on a small hill at the parking area for day visitors.

And here my panorama shot from the same point.

This shows the cut in the ranges where the Redbank Gorge is situated.

In the evening at happy hour we saw this bird. Val immediately knew what it was – a Crested Bellbird.

We spent three nights here at Redbank Gorge and had a really good time. We could have easily stayed longer.
One day we drove back a little way to Ormiston Gorge, where we had another great walk. I’ll make that a separate post.

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