Gary Junction Road – 5 At Jupiter Well

4th – 7th June 2015

Lesley blogging again

Our campsite at Jupiter Well was back among the she-oaks, leaving the centre area free for other travelers to easily access the well pump and turn around area.

This photo was taken by Kay and kindly given to us as we neglected to get a shot of the actual well and pump.

As always, we enjoy cooking our dinner on the campfire and a three night stay certainly made the effort worthwhile. This is a rather good advertisement for RV Homebase where we live on the Fraser Coast in Queensland.

The first night we had lamb shanks in red wine cooked in the camp oven.

Then potatoes baked in foil among the embers, topped with a tuna mornay sauce.

And on the last night, we had pork cutlets cooked on the grill over the fire. No photo but they were delicious!

On our second day, we decided to walk to the site of the original well just a few hundred metres from our campsite. There is little left to be seen except for a large depression in the ground. We came across the remains of a camel skeleton and some recent footprints. We had been told in Papunya that camels were in plague proportions in the area we were travelling but we only ever saw one live camel, and that was running down the road in front of Kay & Bruce´s van.

Camel footprint

The next day Erich discovered this marker a few hundred metres in a different direction.

We had a great stay at Jupiter Well with only a few other travellers camping with us over the three days. On our second day, a 4WD Mitsubishi motorhome named Hugo and painted a very distinctive green, pulled in to camp. In conversation with the owners Robyn and Charlie, a very entertaining couple, we discovered they know two other couples who live at RVHB, Liz and Bruce and Di and Peter. It is indeed a small world.

Following are some of Erich’s impressions of Jupiter Well.

Unidentified bird

Galahs in a she-oak.

A sunrise


The sunlight on the Spinifex was stunning

The breeze rustling the she-oak leaves was wonderful.


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2 Responses to Gary Junction Road – 5 At Jupiter Well

  1. Judy says:

    Unidentified bird looks like the Dusky woodswallow Lesley: Lovely photos of Jupiter Well :).

  2. swisslulu says:

    Thanks Judy. That is a great website. I use the Pizzey & Knight Field Guide to the Birds of Australia and also the Michael Morcombe iPad App eGuide to Australian Birds but even then it can be difficult to identify specific birds. I think actually it might be the Black-faced Woodswallow which is quite widespread whereas the Dusky Woodswallow seems to be down in your neck of the woods but not in the Pilbara. I appreciate your post.

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