To Punmu

8th June, 2015

We got off to a fairly early start from Well 33 and arrived at the Kunawarritji Community just after opening hours on Monday morning. As previously mentioned, this was the most expensive fuel we have bought so far on this trip (hopefully it stays that way!)

A very fancy refueling depot compared to some others on this route.


The diesel pump was really slow so we took a few photos while we waited. I bet this old Land Rover could tell a story or two.

Kay letting her inner child out.

Once we had all refueled and recovered from the shock to our bank balances, we were underway again. Stopping along the route for more photo opportunities.

Love these termite nests between the sand hills which run East West in Western Australia. The road ran mostly between the sand hills though there were a few crossings to negotiate but not problematic.

In the distance, we could see a lake which looked rather like a mirage but as we came closer we could see it was the real thing but we still don’t know if there was water in it or if it was just a salt lake.

My panorama shot.

Stand back – here comes Bruce.

On the western side of the lake the road travels south for a while.

We arrived at the next Community of Punmu at lunchtime and expected that we would have to wait to fuel up. Fortunately a friendly local alerted the depot manager that we were waiting and then let us know the Manager would be along soon. He arrived in good time on a quad bike and cheerfully separated us from our cash (no cards accepted here) at $3 per litre. Fortunately it was only a small fill of some 33 litres so we almost felt no pain.

The depot manager gave us a couple of ideas for camps, the first of which we couldn’t find but we managed to find enough room at the edge of Lake Dora for us all to camp for the night. Lake Dora will be included in the next post.

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5 Responses to To Punmu

  1. Kay says:

    I had to slow him down as we approached.

  2. Lesley says:

    But it made for a great photo!

  3. Chris M says:

    The inner child for all of us emerged at various stages.m great to see these reminders of the trip.

  4. Michelle says:

    Hi guys, I notice you have have a photo of the fuel depot at Kunawaritji and wondered if you could please either add it to this page to inform other travellers, or allow me to put your photo there. Thanks Michelle – Content Director

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