At Carawine Gorge

13th June, 2015

Today we decided, along with Kay and Bruce, to venture down to Skull Springs Road to find a camp that is listed on Wikicamps and sounded like a top spot.

The road was in so-so condition. Not really a problem as we were just in our 4WDs. There had recently been quite a bit of rain in the area so we had a couple of creek crossings. The first was quite shallow and no problem. The second was somewhat deeper and wider so I drew the short straw and waded in to see how deep it was. Not the most flattering of photographs but I was trying to keep my shorts dry!

Directions were to turn at the Kangaroo sculpture.

This took us onto a very narrow and rocky track which we followed for about 150 metres till the track seemed to drop away in front of us. Erich and Bruce got out and walked it but a couple of large rocks at the bottom of the drop put them off. I could see on the GPS another track further west which seemed to lead in the right direction so we turned around and picked up that track. It was in slightly better condition but still very narrow and rocky and we were travelling at about 5kph. We eventually got to the GPS coordinates only to find no trace of this “beautiful place to swim and relax”. All we found were a couple of muddy puddles on the track making it impassable. Obviously, this “delightful” spot had been washed away sometime since the last post on Wikicamps.

This memorial was nailed to a tree. Apparently this fellow had passed away here while camping with a group of mates. The badge under his name indicates that he was a Vietnam Veteran. RIP.

After a quick cuppa provided by Kay and Bruce we were retracing our steps.

These two hills are referred to as “Two Sisters” although I don’t see the resemblance.

I took the following shots on the access road back into Carawine Gorge.

And a couple of Budgerigars back at camp.

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