At Carawine Gorge

10th- 12th June, 2015

What a wonderfully peaceful spot this is. Only a few other campers and all spaced well away from each other along the water’s edge.

As usual, Erich was out early to capture the morning light.

On Wednesday, Val decided to have a look for a Geocache that was hidden in the Gorge area so Erich and I went along for the walk. The GPS took us well south of our campsite and walking through the deep river pebbles was hard going at times.

The GPS indicated the cache was located somewhere up this cliff so Val took up the challenge.

But despite his best efforts, the cache eluded him. I do wonder why cache owners put caches in such inaccessible places. Carawine Gorge is a very remote spot which not a lot of people can get to, so why make it so difficult to find a cache for those of us who can get here. We aren’t all twentysomethings! Rant over!

Still, it was a very scenic walk back to camp.

A White-faced Heron

My panorama

A Rainbow Bee-eater

A Pelican

I think this is a Little Pied Cormorant

Possibly a Red-backed Kingfisher. The laughing Kookaburra does not frequent this area.

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