To Marble Bar, Port Hedland, DeGrey River

15th – 16th June, 2015

Sadly we had to leave our idyllic campsite at Carawine Gorge but looked forward to pushing on to new adventures.

The original plan was that we would all travel the Gibb River Road together after Kay’s medical appointments in Broome in early July. Erich and I had thought about going down to spend time in Karijini National Park but eventually decided we did not have enough time to do the whole area justice and will need to come back to Western Australia again to do the central part and should include Karijini then. We had heard lots of conflicting reports about whether Broome was worth the effort or not but, as we had never been there before, decided to make up our own minds.

Conversely, Chris and Val had a rethink of their route home and decided to do what we had previously planned and revisit Karijini. Do you think they were trying to tell us something? I am sure not. We had all agreed that our plans were flexible and we were all free to change our itineraries. And so it came time to say goodbye to Chris and Val as they headed south to travel Skull Springs Road to Nullagine and then points south. Together with Kay and Bruce we struck out north west heading for Marble Bar. We were in dire need of supplies and hoped that we could replenish there. Hmm, no. But more of that later.

The scenery along the Ripon Hills Road was spectacular and it was a change to be able to take photos from the smooth riding car rather than bouncing across corrugations. The following photos were all taken as we drove along.

Due to the excellent road, we made good time to Marble Bar. I had no idea what to expect.

The only place to stay was at the optimistically named Marble Bar Holiday Park. For a night it was okay.

After unhitching, we drove to the Roadhouse to refuel and investigate the shopping options. The diesel was $1.68 per litre, a welcome change. Sadly there was very little in the way of grocery shopping – the only bread was frozen white sliced. We had better choices out in the remote Communities.

There were certainly some great views from the reservoir.

So next morning we said our farewells to Kay & Bruce who opted to stay an additional night to fully appreciate the delights of Marble Bar and headed for Port Hedland. This was to be a quick stop to restock, refuel and head north again. By 1.30pm we were back on the road out of Port Hedland making for a free camp at the DeGrey River on the Great Northern Highway.

The following photos were taken from the car but are not great quality.

We had heard that this camp was a very busy spot and it was already quite crowded near the river. As usual we were seeking the sun for the solar panels so opted to camp at the back of the area away from lots of trees. This also had the advantage of less traffic noise from the highway.

Nice light at Sunset

Early in the morning, Erich walked down to the river to capture this shot of the bridge.

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