Daytrip from Broome

24th June, 2015

We decided to take a day trip to check out a few camping areas on the western side of the Dampier Peninsula with a view to perhaps camping there for a few days.

The road was okay though there were corrugated patches and also sandy patches.

We bypassed the Willie Creek turnoff, intending to check that out on our return journey, so our first stop was Barred Creek. As noted on Wikicamps, it is really only suited for tents and camper trailers and it was fairly heavily timbered so too much shade. It was also very sandy. Further along the coast we came to Quondong Point which was quite an open area with sandy tracks leading to camping spots. There were a number of vans and camper trailers there and without following the tracks it was difficult to see where there were any remaining camping spots. We had not deflated our tyres at this stage so were reluctant to be too adventurous.

Quondong Point

We thought the area was far too exposed and windy so we pressed on to James Price Point.

As we neared the turnoff, there was some damage to the road which required us to slow dramatically and then when we reached the turnoff we found really severe ruts leading into the camping area. It’s not terribly obvious from this photo but the track to the left was very narrow and we watched a vehicle with a slide-on negotiate it. Not something I would want to do towing a caravan.

These photos of Prices Point were taken from the main track.

At this point we decided to turn around but to ensure a smoother ride, decided to deflate our tyres first.

It was an interesting drive into Willies Creek across a salt pan. There are very limited camping opportunities here with only a few spots that would accommodate a van of our size (which is not big!) but we found it the most pleasant of the areas we looked at.

As we watched, a group of teachers and students from the Broome TAFE were active down at the water’s edge. It turned out that they were releasing tagged Barramundi into the area. If a fisherperson catches one of the tagged fish, they are asked to convey the tag information plus place and date of capture back to the TAFE for their research purposes.

We did a quick drive through the Willie Creek Pearl Farm grounds but were not interested in doing a tour.

Once back on the main road between the Cape Leveque road and Broome’s Gateway, we decided to take a detour to the Broome Bird Observatory on Roebuck Bay as we knew that they allowed camping there as well. It was a reasonable dirt road until the last 5kms or so where it became quite corrugated and sandy.

We had a good chat with one of the female rangers who showed us the camping area where there were a number of poptops and camper trailers. It looked okay but was rather too shady for us. We walked out to their lookout on the beach for a few photos.

On our way in to the Observatory, we had seen a number of tracks leading to the beach, most of which had No Camping signs but there was one with just a boat access sign so we decided to investigate. There was actually a good spot that would fit a van backed in off the track down to the beach. We parked there and walked down the track. There was a pair of dolphins just offshore but we were unable to photograph them.

This magnificent fellow was posing for us.

This beauty (a White Bellied Sea Eagle?) soared above us for ages.


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