To Broomes Gateway

19th June, 2015

After leaving Cape Keraudren, we fuelled up at Sandfire Roadhouse and headed to the Stanley Rest Area on the highway. We arrived at lunchtime and there were already quite a number of campers there, many of them obviously overstaying the 24 hour limit. However we managed to get a level spot on a concrete pad. Kay later told us that this had been a workers’ campsite during the construction of the Great Northern Highway so our concrete pad had obviously been the floor of some long disappeared building.

Erich’s photos make it look somewhat more scenic than it was, but for a free overnight stop complete with dump point, we were not complaining.

20th June – 4th July, 2015

We had decided now to stay in Broome for at least a week and chose Broome’s Gateway, a caravan park approximately 29kms east of town. There were a number of reasons for this, not least the desire not to be packed in like sardines in the town caravan parks as we are now hitting peak season and the town parks are at capacity. Broome’s Gateway would not be everyone’s choice. For one thing there are no powered sites obviously not a problem with our solar and lithium batteries but generators are allowed for those who are not quite as self-sufficient as we are. I must say I was having second thoughts when the huge bus parked next to us turned on his BIG generator at 9.30am to run his air-conditioner and it was still going into the afternoon. Fortunately, he only stayed two nights. The good water available is a bonus and there are quite good amenities for those who choose to use them. They also put on Sunday breakfast pancakes, Tuesday evening Pizza night and Thursday evening sausage sizzle (although the offerings seem to change from time to time) all for a nominal charge with the money going to Children’s Cancer Research. Unpowered sites are $30 per night and they have a stay 7 pay 6 night policy making it quite a cost effective stay in such an expensive tourist area. And it is one of only two pet friendly parks to my knowledge; the second being the PCYC Overflow which only takes travellers with pets.

There is no grass to the sites making it very sandy but the sites are quite large. It has the feel of a free camp except that you have to pay for the privilege.

We extended our stay by a second week as we were waiting on mail from home, the Stairway to the Moon occurs over 3 nights in this second week and Erich wanted to do a photography tour for which there was only one vacancy in the second week.

The whole place runs off solar and LPG with large solar panel banks on the grounds, two of which are sun tracking.

The following photos were taken by Erich in the grounds of the caravan park.

Some kind of kite.

A Red-winged Parrot (female I think)

A Masked Woodswallow

A Red-tailed Black Cockatoo

Can anyone identify this one?

Paperbark Flycatcher?

A magpie and a peewee in flight

I should know this one but it escapes me.


A Straw-necked Ibis


Lovely frangipanis

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