Broome – Town Beach

22nd and 25th June, 3rd July, 2015.

We had read about Town Beach in a few brochures so we decided to have a look at it on our first Monday in Broome. The Pioneer Cemetery located in the park was an interesting place to visit and the 30 or so headstones told of the heavy toll that pearling, deep sea diving and seafaring took on the population of the fledgling town.

The colour and clarity of the ocean around Broome is breathtaking.

This would have to be one of the best located caravan parks we have seen. Erich’s photo.

My photo from the same spot.

The little Town Beach café had great reviews but was unfortunately closed on Mondays so a return trip on Thursday was always on the cards. Again, the water was beautiful.

And the birdlife abundant.

Our third trip to Town Beach was chosen to coincide with the full moon when the “Staircase to the Moon” occurs. This phenomenon occurs over three consecutive days during the months of April to November and only in certain places along the Western Australia coast where the coastline actually faces East. Such is the case at Town Beach in Broome.

A marketplace is set up to take advantage of the influx of tourists and certainly added to the festive atmosphere. People arrived with their camp chairs or blankets and found themselves a good vantage point to try to get that perfect photo. Let me tell you it is difficult to do. Fortunately on the Friday there was no cloud as there had been the previous day so there was much anticipation.

As the tide recedes and the moon rises, the moon shines on the tidal flats and creates the effect of a staircase.

The first two photos are Erich’s. Notice how the moon appears not to be spherical in the first photo? Apparently that is due to atmospheric distortion so close to the horizon.

The moon now appears completely round higher above the horizon.

This is my shot taken at the same time as Erich’s second shot. The time stamp on the photo is different as my camera was still set to Queensland time, 2 hours behind Western Australia time.

We were very pleased to have witnessed this occurrence and to have managed to get passable photos to remember it by.

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