To Derby

4th July, 2015

Our time in Broome had come to an end and we headed east back in the direction of Queensland but it will still be some months before we are home.

Even as we left Broome’s Gateway, we were undecided where to camp that night. As we were about half way to Derby, we decided to try booking into a caravan park so we could spend some time exploring the town. Our expectations weren’t high as all the caravan parks in Broome were booked out and we expected the same in Derby given that there are only two parks there. However, we were lucky enough to secure an unpowered site in the park of our choice and arrived late morning.

The closer we got to Derby, the more interesting the landscape became with lots of boab trees and a few interesting waterways to cross. Boab trees are quite stark during the winter months, having lost all of their leaves. The main street of Derby is planted with beautiful boabs.

Derby also boasts one of the highest tides in the world at around 11.5 metres and as it was just one day after full moon a good tide was expected so we drove out to the wharf to take some photos. The tide was beginning to run in when these photos were taken at around 12.30pm.

As high tide was due in three hours, we took the opportunity to go to the Visitor Centre in town to check on the condition of the Gibb River Road which was to be our next stage. This was certainly one of the better Visitor Centres that we have been in. While there, we snapped these photos of the boabs in the main street. Interestingly, some of them still had their foliage.

At the Vistor Centre, we enquired about the best spot to take sunset photos and were told either at the Wharf or at One Mile Dinner Camp. As we had plenty of time to kill, we decided to drive to One Mile to check it out. This massive boab was begging to have its photo taken.

Looking west across the tidal flats.

Returning to the Wharf at around 2.45pm, the rise in the tide was quite noticeable.

Almost high tide now.

Lots of people were fishing off the wharf. Talking with one of the locals, mulloway or jewfish come in on the tide and three large ones had been caught the day before. Sure enough, while we watched, someone got a hit.

And it was a beauty!

While waiting for the high tide, we did a little more bird watching.

We couldn’t be bothered going back to the Wharf again for sunset so Erich took this shot from the rear of the caravan park looking across the tidal flats.

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