Gibb River Road 4 – To Manning Gorge

11th – 13th July, 2015

The drive out of Silent Grove had improved immeasureably since our aborted photography drive two days previously. The number of vehicles in and out had flattened out a lot of the corrugations when the road was wet and now we had a more comfortable drive than when we arrived. The two creek crossings were a little higher but not a problem.

We fuelled up at Mt Barnett Roadhouse and paid our camping fees before heading the 7kms into Manning Gorge Campground. There were a couple of washouts to be negotiated but we just took them slow and steady.

Our campspot in front of a lovely boab tree.

Along the GRR between the Silent Grove turnoff and Mt Barnett Roadhouse were another two gorges. The first, Adcocks Gorge, was 5kms off the road and no indications what we would find at the end so we decided not to venture in with the van. The second, Galvans Gorge, was just 1km from the road but as luck would have it, there was no room for us to park with the van.

After setting up at Manning Gorge, we drove back to Galvans Gorge for a look. Fortunately, I had read on Wikicamps to keep walking till coming to a waterfall and rock pool as there was no signage or indication where to go. We just scrambled over the rocks following the course of the little creek until we came to a little oasis. The pool was lovely and deep and cold. We had a refreshing swim and rested on the rocks beside the pool. What a hidden gem!

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