Gibb River Road 5 – Manning Gorge

12th July, 2015

As usual, Erich was out for an early walk to capture the morning light on the rocks.

We set off early to do the walk into Manning Gorge. The swimming hole at the campground is a great feature and very popular but needs to be crossed to reach the track to the Gorge.

A tinny on a set of ropes and pulleys has been thoughtfully provided for those who do not wish to swim to the other side.

There was no indication as to the difficulty of the one and a half hour walk but I took the precaution of taking a hiking stick (actually, it is really just a walking stick but calling it a hiking stick makes me feel a little less old!).

As my balance is not what it used to be, the stick proved invaluable when scrambling up and down the sometimes steep inclines.

It was a hot, tough and somewhat boring walk. Lots of rocks, sand, dry-looking trees and shrubs.

Erich spotted this rock shaped like a dog’s head.

And these termites busily going about their business.

After much sweating and swearing, we finally arrived at the Gorge, only to be met by two vertical drops to be negotiated to get down to the water; the second of which we did on our bottoms. Naturally, we were so engrossed in the task that there are no photos to record our inelegant descent.

The gorge, pool and waterfall were really beautiful though which almost made up for the trek in. Unfortunately, we knew we had to do the walk in reverse, which took the shine off the view somewhat!!

The water was very cold but we appreciated the opportunity to cool down.

After a lovely swim, we set off back to camp.

All I could think about was the lovely cool swimming hole at the campground that would be our reward for our toil!

We paced ourselves, pausing to take these photos on the return walk.

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